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Posted on November 18th, 2010 by Hannah Eaves

It’s official, after almost a year of hard work – our semantically driven video site highlighting stories of change in the developing world – has launched! A flurry of new features have rolled out over the last couple of weeks, including profiles, “playlists” (here’s mine on malaria), and an advanced embeddable player. Not to mention a content API.

On the technology side, uses the semantic blogging API Zemanta to analyze time-based video transcripts and create smart topics (semantic entities) to categorize the videos. These topics are then connected with matching Freebase and DBpedia entities, and are used to make finding videos on the site easier. They’re also employed in a live search using the Daylife, Truveo and SocialActions APIs to find related videos, articles, and ways to take action from around the Web. This related content appears alongside the chapter of the video it’s most relevant to. For a nice practical look at how this works, here’s a great blog post by a health professional. For a more in-depth look at the technology, read On Linked Data and, posted by ViewChange technical lead, Rob DiCiuccio of Definition. You can also check out our technology press release, which provides a great look at the tools we’ve created.

“Vital Voices: Kakenya” in the advanced embeddable player

On the content side, Link TV’s acquisitions team has spent the last year seeking out videos from distributors, organizations, and filmmakers, about people working on the ground to spark real progress in the developing world. In the summer we held the ViewChange Online Film Contest, with judges including Wim Wenders, Danny Glover, and Gael Garcia Bernal. The contest garnered 137 successful entries detailing projects in 49 different countries. Almost 30,000 votes were cast in 2 weeks to help decide the finalists. Winners will be announced at 3pm PST here.

So far there are almost 250 videos on, but we expect to add several hundred more to the collection by the end of the year. Almost all the videos are downloadable and embeddable.

So please, take a minute, or an hour, to check out!

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Camelia says:

Hannah! It’s wonderful to see come to life and all the positive feedback from bloggers and media. The videos from the contest are also really powerful and great stories. Best of luck in the coming months! And hope to see you soon.